Wednesday, July 23, 2008

RAWAS activity with TB/HIV/AIDS

Nigeria is ranked the 7th out of the 27 African countries with a high prevalence of TB (Tuberculosis). TB is considered to be deadly when linked with HIV/AIDS but curable.
It has a consistent treatment of 6months of which once skipped,the patient has to re-start the treatment. TB breaks down the immune system and gives room for more diseases which reduces the life span of a HIV/AIDS victim.

RAWAS in connection with Inter-Gender, Jos, and CHAN (Christian Health Association of Nigeria) with funding from Globalfund carried out its first outing with a 5 days Advocacy visit and Sensitization programme in Yakurr, Ugep Local Government Area of Cross River State in June,2008.

The programme was targeted for a hundred(100) participants but had almost a hundred and fifty (150) participants. This participants included Men, Women and Youths of all sectors ie Church leaders, Political Office holders, Market Women, Women leaders, and Church youth. Gender is amongst RAWAS thematic for the Organization and in line with this we requested for more women as we felt they would better dissimilate the information and knowledge gotten, well this women did not fail us as the came out in number. They were so eager to learn as they kept asking questions relating to TB and the superstitious beliefs associated with victims of TB, they learnt that TB can be treated and that even an infected HIV/AIDS victim can live long without the occurrence of TB.

They offered to act as watch-dogs for the community as everybody and anybody can be infected if a suspected person does not either visit a DOTs center or hospital for a test. The youths were also asked to assist the women in their duty as watch-dogs of the community.

Pictures were taken but unfortunately could not be printed due to some complication. As the Organization is making impact in the lives of women and youths in the state(Cross River State) so is the Organization growing in its staff strength.RAWAS has a lot more to offer for the independence and Rights of Women all over Nigeria,starting with Cross River State.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We did have a great time,RIGHT? As for me and my Organization,we are heading towards greater things. To you all,Bon chance!(Good-luck in French)

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